Patient Perspectives

Learn from Ani her experience in overcoming Clostridium Difficile infection with HMT treatment .

Ani was prescribed Human Microbiota Transplantation (HMT) by a GI specialist for the purpose of treating her confirmed case of Clostridium difficile infection. Her condition was confirmed by a pathology test before HMT. In a follow-up pathology test post-HMT, the Clostridium difficile was indeed negative.

The Asia Microbiota Bank will only allow products to be used for the treatment of GI conditions of patients carefully managed and prescribed by a licensed medical doctor. AMB cannot advocate HMT for any other peripheral symptom or condition.

At the filming of this testimony Ani reported beneficial outcomes of conditions other than Clostridium difficile infection. However, since the filming, her temporary benefit of other conditions has not continued and she is currently seeking alternative treatments for those symptoms. Her Clostridium Difficile infection remains in remission. Although the patient is disappointed her other conditions are no longer showing improvement, AMB considers this case to be a success due to the remission of the primary condition.