Here, you’ll find information about registering your practice or medical facility, as well as ordering material, shipping, and invoicing.

The Asia Microbiota Bank will only ship products to registered Physicians or Medical Professionals within the AMB Registered HMT Provider Network.

Shipping information

Material is shipped via courier on dry ice in a temperature-monitored container to validate cold chain. Deliveries can be made within Same Day or Two Day delivery to any location in Hong Kong. For deliveries outside of Hong Kong, please call us for more specific shipment information.


An invoice will be issued by email to the contact on file for your account. We will issue invoices weekly, payable within 10 business working days. For any questions, please write to our Accounts Receivable team at

Payment can be made by check, bank transfer, or credit card payment.

Step 1

Join the Registered Clinician Network

Step 2

Order the HMT Product

To Join the Registered Network, please email our office to request the AMB Clinical Partner Registration Form. You may call +852 3619 5220, email , or Whatsapp: +852 51906282

Once you become a part of the Registered Network, you may place orders by submitting the HMT Order Form via email to or fax to +852 3619 5221.