General Information

The Asia Microbiota Bank supplies Human Microbiota Transplant (HMT) solution to doctors, clinicians, and hospitals in the region. Contact your doctor directly to inquire about HMT. If you do not have a supervising physician, you may enquire to the Hong Kong Digestive Health Centre. Each doctor may have a slightly different HMT treatment protocol. Generally HMT treatment protocols will be similar, and may include various pre-HMT or post-HMT advice.

Typical Programme Overview:

  • Patients will undergo HMT implants on five consecutive days, or on two sets of five consecutive days (10 days total) over a period of 2-3 weeks.
  • Currently, HMT implants are delivered by oral capsule oral or colonoscopy
  • Prior to undergoing HMT therapy, individuals will undergo a bowel preparation consisting of either standard bowel prep or colonic water lavage.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1: Bowel preparation
Day 2: HMT delivery via colonoscopy
Days 3-5: HMT delivery via oral capsule

Important note

The goal of Human Microbiota Transplant (HMT) is to help rebalance the gut microbiota, which may alleviate some of the symptoms of a GI-related condition. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a medical condition, which should be treated underneath the supervision of a medical doctor. Any adjustment to medication or prescriptions must be discussed with your supervising doctor. It is essential, therefore, for clients to obtain a referral letter before symptom-specific treatment can begin.

Pricing Overview:

The retail pricing of HMT is suggested pricing. Each Hospital or Clinic may price their programmes differently, depending on what is included.

  • Five dose program, capsule delivery: HK $28,800 (approx USD $3,670)
  • Ten dose program, capsule delivery: HK $37,800 (approx USD $4,815)
  • First dose colonoscopy, additional: HK $11,000 (approx USD $1,400)

The cost of recruiting and testing healthy donors is very high. Though the procedure may seem simple, the operational cost for maintaining a safe and excellent stool donor program is high, and comparatively, this pricing is lower than other fecal microbiota transplant centers around the world.

Some patients may be eligible for discounts on these prices. Please email or call to inquire for further discount pricing.

Community Support & Getting Involved

If you would like to know more information provided by international organizations on FMT, please browse some of the links below.