Who are we?

The Asia Microbiota Bank was founded by a group of Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs in 2016 who care about public health. We are advised by a team of doctors, professors, and scientists. This dynamic cross-border, cross-culture team of scientists and doctors are working together to offer safe, effective, successful HMT for patients. 

Asia Microbiota Bank founders were motivated to open AMB after close personal friends and family experienced untreatable chronic gut related illness. It became apparent, through much research and consulting with physicians, that the only solution to achieve wellness was in human microbiota transplant. This personal crisis, then led to the formation of Asia’s first public stool bank.

To bring the wellness solution of HMT to patients in Asia, unable to travel to the US, Europe or Australia for treatments. It is the sincere hope and wish that AMB will foster greater health awareness and treatment opportunity, first to Hong Kong, China and then neighboring countries throughout Asia Pacific. 

We are currently recruiting new team members. If you would like more information please email us.

The Operating Team

The Board of Scientific and Commercial Advisors

Jonathan Krive, MBA

Executive Director