The Asia Microbiota Bank (AMB) is a Hong Kong based social enterprise started in 2016.

AMB is devoted to health and wellness promoted through the treatment of Human Microbiota Transfer (HMT) therapy, also known as fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). Hong Kong is one of the first cities in Asia to offer this innovative treatment, and the first in Asia to have an organized stool bank accessible to research organizations and medical institutions. 

The Asia Microbiota Bank is Asia’s first commercial stool bank focused on collecting microbiota from healthy human donors. We provide a filtered microbiota solution, in the form of a Human Microbiota Transplant (HMT), to clinicians and their patients.

The clinical practice of HMT therapy demonstrates many possibilities for health improvement and overall immune and digestive wellness. This revolutionary procedure can be participated in as a patient recipient or as a benefactor by donating organic matter of healthy microbiota. The understanding of the gastrointestinal microbiome represents one of the most important advances in medical science to date. 

Ongoing Research

Research collaboration with Hong Kong University

The Asia Microbiota Bank and Hong Kong University have begun a research collaboration to study the Hong Kong Gut Microbiome. Currently in the initial phase, the research focuses on how best to preserve gut bacteria collected from healthy stool donors and new delivery methods for gut bacteria into patients.

Other collaborations

The Asia Microbiota Bank is in active discussions with several university and research collaborators to conduct further scientific research on the human gut microbiome.

To propose a research collaboration, please submit a Collaboration Request by email with the following information:
Project Outline, Goals, Timeline, Key Personnel, and Funding Plan
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