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26 May 2017 · Industry News

Hongkongers can now get paid to poopoo

By Douglas Parkes published May 26, 2017

Hongkongers can now get paid to poopoo
In a move that will cheer the hearts – or bowels – of hard up Hongkongers everywhere, comes the news that you can now get paid to poop. Yes, Asia’s first commercial stool bank is looking for donors and wants you to help provide samples.So, how much moolah can you get for your poo-lah? Apparently, the city’s most proficient shitters can earn up to $4,800 if they’re able to provide healthy samples via a ‘stool collection kit’ at least three-times-a-week for three months. Not a bad little earner.

The Asia Microbiota Bank (AMB) is the Hong Kong based social enterprise willing to hand over cold hard cash for steaming hot turds. And yes, while it’s a topic that’s easy to joke about the company’s intentions are noble: seeking to alleviate conditions such as irritable bowl syndrome via the use of human microbiota transfer therapy, something that’s actually pretty cutting edge. Hong Kong is one of the few cities in Asia to offer this treatment courtesy of their work.

However, it’s harder to get in on this lucrative exchange than it is to gain acceptance to an Ivy League college – just 0.1% of applicants are accepted due to the Bank’s rigorous health standards, which include blood, stool and urine screening tests. Still, if you’re a three or a four on the stool scale, maybe you’re among the elite that’s got what it takes…

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