Research collaborations

University of Hong Kong

The Asia Microbiota Bank and University of Hong Kong have begun a research collaboration to study the Hong Kong Gut Microbiome. Currently in the initial phase, the research will focus on surveying the Hong Kong population gut microbiomes to develop a profile or series of profiles.

A second collaboration is regarding the micro-encapsulation of microbiota within oral capsule dosages.

The Genome Institute of Singapore

The Asia Microbiota Bank and the Genome Institute of Singapore have begun a research collaboration to study the microbiota shifts post-HMT. Currently in its execution phase, the research will use Next Generation Sequencing to identify key shifts in the microbiome and microbiota engraftment.

Other collaborations

The Asia Microbiota Bank is in active discussions with several university and research collaborators to conduct further scientific research on the human gut microbiome.

To propose a research collaboration, please submit a Collaboration Request by email with the following information:
Project Outline, Goals, Timeline, Key Personnel, and Funding Plan
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