Press Release – May 5, 2017

05 May 2017 · Company News

Meet the Team Behind the New Asia Microbiota Bank  


The Asia Microbiota Bank (AMB), headquartered in Hong Kong, is inviting the press for an individual one-on-one sit down with AMB co-founder Jon Chang and laboratory manager Dr. Ingrid Shen. They will share more about the history and inspiration behind this innovative company and offer a visit to the office and lab in Central.

“We are excited to contribute to innovation in the healthcare industry and offer new solutions to doctors and their patients. Our goal is to provide a very high standard of safety and quality for microbiota implant products which we hope will be used by doctors to improve beneficial outcomes in patient procedures.” –  Mr. Jon Chang, Co-founder, Asia Microbiota Bank

Many people suffering from GI-illnesses have contacted the Asia Microbiota Bank about the Human Microbiota Transplant (aka FMT) procedure. AMB continues to connect these patients to licensed medical practitioners for a medical consultation to learn if a microbiota transplant can benefit their GI condition. Hong Kong has a growing number of IBD and IBS patients suffering from long-term symptoms. A HMT/FMT procedure may not be right for everyone, it is essential to have a doctor review each case carefully.

“The microbiota implant products are carefully processed and stored to ensure the safest possible quality to doctors. From every donation delivered, we keep a small safety aliquot to ensure future access to testing if there were ever a question about the quality.” – Dr. Shen, AMB Laboratory Manager.

HMT (aka FMT) therapy has been used in many countries around the world including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia, etc. Now, it is possible for extremely healthy people to benefit patients who suffer from severe GI conditions by applying to become a donor to the Asia Microbiota Bank.

AMB has implemented one of the strictest donor screening protocols in the world. Once a stool donor qualifies, they are compensated $200 HKD for each donation they contribute to the bank. The Asia Microbiota Bank is continuing to recruit stool donors. Anyone who is very healthy is encouraged to apply by visiting and filling out the application and health survey.

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總部設於香港的亞洲益菌中心(AMB),現正邀請新聞界朋友,與AMB聯合創始人Jon Chang和實驗室經理Ingrid Shen沈博士單對單坐下來會面。 他們將分享更多這間創新企業的歷史和靈感,並帶大家採訪我們位於中環的辦公室和實驗室。

“我們很高興為醫療行業的創新作出貢獻,並向醫生及其病人提供一個改善健康的新方案。 我們的目標是提供非常高質量和安全標準的微生物菌群產品,我們希望醫生能夠利用這些產品來改善病患者以達致良好果效。“ – 亞洲益菌中心聯合創始人Jon Chang。

許多患有腸胃疾病的患者已經聯繫亞洲益菌中心,希望瞭解腸道細菌移植(簡稱FMT)的過程。 AMB持續協助這些患者與執業醫生接觸及進行醫療諮詢,以瞭解腸道細菌移植是否可以令他們的腸胃病改善。香港有越來越多患有長期症狀的炎症性腸病和腸易激綜合徵患者。 HMT / FMT療法未必適合所有人,必須透過醫生仔細分析每個病例才能進行。

“腸道細菌菌群產品經過小心處理和儲存,以確保醫生獲得最安全的質量,從每次捐贈中,我們都會保留一個小的安全樣本,以確保將來可以進行有關於質量問題的測試。” –  AMB實驗室經理沈博士。

HMT(又稱FMT)療法已在全球許多國家使用,包括美國、英國、荷蘭和澳洲等地。 現在,非常健康的人可以通過申請成為亞洲益菌中心的捐贈者來惠及患有嚴重腸道疾病的病人。

AMB已經實施了世界上最嚴格之一的捐助者篩選方法。 一旦糞便捐贈者獲得資格,他們每捐贈一次,便可獲得200港元的獎金。亞洲益菌中心正繼續招募糞便捐贈者。 任何健康的人,我們鼓勵您訪問www.asiabiobank.com填寫申請表格申請並進行健康調查。